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Indoor Class Guidelines

Welcome to your Indoor Little Groove Class!


We are excited to have you join our wonderful teachers for some music, education, and fun! In order to keep everyone safe and keep classes running smoothly, we are providing some guidelines for our indoor classes. 


We ask that everyone read and follows the following guidelines: 


  1. Before entering the classroom, please remove your shoes and your child’s shoes. This will help maintain a cleaner environment for the children. 

  2. If your child is walking, we suggest your child go barefoot or wear socks with grip on them in class to keep your child from slipping.

  3. No food or hot drinks are allowed inside the classroom. Baby bottles and breast-feeding is always allowed. 

  4. Please take any and all valuables with you into the classroom. 

  5. If you change your child’s diaper, DO NOT THROW THE DIAPER INTO THE TRASH AT THE LOCATION. The teacher will have a separate trash bag for you to put your diapers in. Please make sure to let the teacher know about the dirty diaper and they will take care of it for you afterwards. 

  6. If you or your child are sick, please stay home and schedule a make-up class via our website at

  7. If you need to miss class for any reason, you can schedule a make-up class through our website at

  8. Make sure to bring your music kit with you each week. 


We are happy to have you with us for this session of music classes!

Thank you,

Sara Wheeler - Little Groove Director

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