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Little Groove Music Class

Little Groove music class is great for kids of all ages. They will sing along and dance as our teacher plays guitar and sings about colors, animal sounds, body-parts, rhythm, tempo, shapes and numbers. Little Groove classes are a wonderful way to help your child have fun and also learn and reach important developmental milestones.  Each activity has a learning objective. 


Class run time is 30 minutes.


Mondays at 10:30am

Taught by Colton and Michelle


Friday at 10:30am

Taught by Tommy and Skuli 

Little Groove Yoga

Yoga for toddlers and up. This is a beginning Yoga class that will introduce children to some basic yoga poses in a super fun way! children will engage in yoga games and learn animal yoga poses with certified Yoga instructor Krista Wheeler Chewter.  In this playful yoga class children will learn about mindfulness and do breathing exercises which cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills and improve concentration. Children can do this on their own or with a caregiver. No equipment needed. Yoga mat recommended.

Tuesdays at 10:30am

Class run time is 20 minutes.  

Taught by Krista and Sara

Story Time and Quiet Songs

This story time is for kids of all ages. We want to give children something special to look forward to each week. Reading is so important for child development! This class will include some quiet time lullabies and a story. The first two book series we will be reading through are Frog and Todd are Friends and Elephant and Piggie.


Thursdays at 6:30pm

Class run time is 20 minutes.

Taught by Amanda and Sam

Little Groove Dance Party

This is a super fun class with Popular Music for all ages. Colton who is a gymnast and outdoor enthusiast will be the instructor for this class. He will play music from Hip Hop, Rock, Disco and Dance music and do some fun activities like Simon Says, Follow the Leader, and free style dance moves. This class is designed to get kids moving, jumping and grooving to get thier heart rates up and enery out.

Monday at 11:30am

Class run time is 30 minutes.

Taught by Colton and Michelle.

Rock Out and Learn

This class is for 3 years and up.

Learn real musical terms, basic piano, rhythm, drumming skills and have fun with musical games that promote learning real music therory

The teaching method for this class is based on call and response songs.


Wednesdays at 10:30am

Class run time is 30 minutes.

Taught by Matty and Michelle 

Baby Wiggle Music

Music class for infants 3 months to 15 months

Baby and Me class is specifically for babies, using the building blocks of childhood development to engage the babies through music. This will be similar to our regular Little Groove music class but geared towards young babies and their caregivers. Babies will interact through playful activities with their caregiver and teacher. Caregivers will also learn some basic ways to engage their baby in multi sensory learning,


Fridays at 11:30am

Class run time is 30 minutes. 

Taught by Tommy and Skuli.