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Little Groove's Baby Music classes for babies 3 months to 4 years

Little Groove vs Baby Wiggle

While all of our music classes are based on the standard Little Groove Curriculum, there are differences between the Little Groove classes and the Baby Wiggle classes. 


Little Groove Music Class

Geared towards children 14 months to 4 years of age, Little Groove Music Classes are taught with the mindset that most of the children are old enough to complete the class activities on their own, such as answering simple questions about shapes and animals and following along with the teacher's instructions. 


With each activity, the teacher gives instructions and helps the children follow along. In this class, the children are able to learn different musical dynamics such as loud and soft, and fast and slow. The children also learn rhythm, time signatures, counting, and beats. 


Beyond the musical instruments, the children use stacking cups, scarves, and animal puppets to help develop their fine and gross motor skills, their animal identification, their shape recognition, and counting. Movement songs are also incorporated into the class curriculum to help the children expend energy and move to the rhythm of the music with their whole bodies. 


In Little Groove classes, the teacher engages the children and gets them to participate by asking them about the different sounds the animals make, and to identify different shapes made with their scarves. In Little Groove classes, the teacher always allows time for each child to participate at their own level.

Baby Wiggle Music Class

Geared towards children 3 months old to 14 months old, Baby Wiggle Music Classes are taught with the mindset that the caregiver attending with the babies will be assisting the babies as they learn and engage in the class. 


With each activity, the teacher gives instructions to the caregivers so the caregivers know how to best help their baby engage with the instruments and educational toys. Some of the youngest participants will need help holding onto the maracas as they work on developing their fine motor skills. Caregivers can also help their baby engage with the drums by tapping out the song's rhythm on the infant's back or legs so that the child is able to internalize the rhythm. 


Beyond the musical instruments, the caregiver will be instructed on how to help the babies use the stacking cups, the scarves, and the animal puppets. Songs sung in class will also be mindful of the various developmental stages of the babies. 


While the babies are not able to participate on their own like the older children quite yet, they will be learning by observing the adults, the teacher, and the other babies around them. 

Happy Clients

"We had a blast. We can't wait for the next session to begin. As a PhD student in a School Psychology student I really *LOVE* these classes from a developmental perspective. You guys are great!

Kristin - Mom



​“Little Groove has been a staple for our family. We love how the teachers interact with the children and make them all feel special. Your classes are the only ones we have taken so far that we continue to come back to. We are always learning new things.”​

Best, Thea - Mom

"We have been coming to Baby Wiggle in the South End for two years and it is the highlight of the week for Wilbur. Every class we've attended has been fun, active and friendly. I really do hope that his current love of music continues as he grows up. You've played a huge part in that."

Alice - Mom


“Hands down the best music class we have taken - and we have tried quite a few! Can't recommend Little Groove enough!"

Best, JP -  Father of 3



"We have been doing Tommy’s little Groove music class for almost 2 years now, my daughter Alexandra loves it. This class is by far the best of all the classes we have done. Tommy is an excellent musician and loves to teach the kids and make the class interactive. We always have so much fun. He is the best!”

Niamh - Mom

About Little Groove

Little Groove music classes offer a unique and engaging experience for children aged 3 months to 4 years old. Through the use of sound, sight, and touch, toddlers and preschoolers are able to learn and interact in a live music setting.

The classes are designed to help children build important motor, social, cognitive, and language skills through catchy songs and the use of real instruments such as drums, maracas, and tambourines. The classes also incorporate interactive props such as puppets, balls, stacking cups, and a large parachute.

Little Groove music classes provide a fun learning environment that encourages children to explore and develop their creativity while having fun. With experienced instructors and a collaborative approach, Little Groove music classes are the perfect way to introduce your child to the joy of music and learning.


Each activity has a learning objective. In a Little Groove class, children will learn and develop:

  • Counting

  • Identifying: colors, shapes, body parts, and animals and their sounds

  • Fine-motor skills 

  • Gross motor skills 

  • Object permanence 

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Basic rhythm

  • Drumming skills

  • Basic music theory

  • Explore texture

Come check out a class and join us. We promise you, you and your child will have a blast and learn at the same time.

Our teachers ROCK!

We have classes all over the city at multiple times and locations. So check out our Little Groove Registration page to see class locations and availability.

About The Founder

Sara Wheeler, (Little Groove founder) mom of two, has been working with children of all age groups for over 15 years.


After having her own children she realized that there was a lack of music programs in the Boston area that fit the developmental needs of infants and toddlers. She wanted to make a program that helped children develop better communication skills, trust, language and overall well being. Music, beats and tones can help a child in so many ways. Music is comforting, exciting, expressive, and fun.


A child's brain is continuously developing and needs many different types of stimuli. Little Groove music classes incorporate sight, sound and touch. Music is a language of it's own that adds so much joy to the world and is something that an individual can engage in for their whole life.


Sara Wheeler's classes are conducted in a live music setting. During the class teachers perform songs playing live instruments. These songs are fun, catchy and repetitive and help teach your child about his/her environment. Children interact at their own level. The classes also incorporate brightly colored instruments that your child can touch, feel and shake.

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