Zoom Subscription:  Starts day of your signup. Classes will continue to run throughout 2021. 

Cancel at anytime. Cost: $100/month billed monthly automatically.

JULY Zoom Only: After your month is up you will have to re-signup for the next month.  Cost: $100

Zoom classes include music, yoga, story time, dance party, baby wiggle and rock out and learn.

All in one - for one price. Unlimited weekly access.

Monday: Colton

10:30am Little Groove Music - All Ages

11:30am Little Groove Dance Party - All Ages

Tuesday: Krista & Sara

10:30am Little Groove Yoga - Toddlers and up


Wednesday: Matty

9:30am Little Groove Music - All Ages

10:30am Rock Out and Learn - 3 years and up


Thursday: Amanda and Michelle

6:30pm - Little Groove Story time and Quiet Songs - All Ages


Friday: Matty and Tommy

10:30am Little Groove Music - All ages

11:30am Baby Wiggle - Babies under 15 months only

Our amazing teachers and staff have put together a live class for you and your family to enjoy at home in an interactive way. We will have two teachers at every ZOOM class. Come ZOOM with us!!!

teddy bear with glasses reading a book.j