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Little Groove music class

Welcome to Little Groove Music

A fun learning environment that encourages children to explore and develop their creativity through music

Boston's Best Baby music class
Boston Family's Favorite Baby Music Class
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Little Groove Music Classes cater to children aged 14 months to 4 years, focusing on their ability to complete activities independently.


Kids learn musical dynamics such as loud and soft, and fast and slow, along with rhythm, time signatures, counting, and beats. The teacher provides guidance and instructions, helping children follow along and engage with the activities effectively.

The Baby Wiggle class is geared towards children 3 months old to 14 months old, and are taught with the mindset that the caregiver attending with the babies will be assisting the babies as they learn and engage in the class. 


With each activity, the teacher gives instructions to the caregivers so the caregivers know how to best help their baby engage with the instruments and educational toys. The babies will learn basic motor skills along with basic music theory. 

Little Groove Music Program

Little Groove collaborates with the Boston Public Libraries and various Boston companies to bring interactive 40-minute concerts to families in the Boston area for free.


Don’t miss out on the fun—check our calendar to see where Little Groove will be each week, and come join us for one of our amazing free events!

We would love to share this special day with you!

Have Little Groove at your little one's next birthday party and let one of our wonderful teachers provide an interactive music class for up to 45 minutes at your private home or park of your choosing. Let the celebration begin!

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Little Groove was started by local Boston mom, Sara Wheeler.


After having her own children she realized that there was a lack of music programs in the Boston area that fit the developmental needs of infants and toddlers. She wanted to make a program that helped children develop better communication skills, trust, language and overall well being. 

"We have been doing Tommy’s Little Groove music class for almost 2 years now, & my daughter Alexandra loves it.


This class is by far the best of all the classes we have done.

Mom - Niamh

Little Groove has been a staple for our family. We love how the teachers interact with the children and make them all feel special.

Little Groove's classes are the only ones we have taken so far that we continue to come back to. 

Mom - Thea 

“Hands down the best music class we have taken - and we have tried quite a few!


Can't recommend Little Groove enough!"

Father of 3 - JP

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