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Little Groove Reviews

Breanna Luca


Wonderful price for the amount of classes. Outside near parks which makes it the ideal spot for enjoying the park before or after music class. Grace-music teacher, the absolute best! She remembers the kiddos and makes the class fun for adults. Everyone is laughing and smiling. I cannot give enough praise for ‘little groove’!

Heidi Krugman


Music class was so much fun and we enjoyed it a lot.
Skuli and Peter were amazing with the kids. My Grandson loved it and he particularly liked how they interacted so well with him. 
He got to touch the instruments and they helped the kids if they needed some additional help. They both were great with the kids, soft spoken with great demeanors.

Laura Van Dijk


We had a great time attending the Little Groove music classes. Oliver (nearly 2 years old) took a little time to open up but then loved playing with the instruments, jumping around, and getting his wiggles out every Saturday.



We love Little Groove. Have attended their classes for years and just recently hired Tommy to preform at our sons birthday. It was a hot day and Tommy was able to keep the kids happy and entertained. He engages with them, allowing them to come use his guitar (to find the music). They always put on the best performances.

Kate McCabe


Loved this fun and special bonding time with my baby. We started at 3.5 months old and now by nearly 6 months, it was so fun to see her engagement and development grow weekly in real time and she truly enjoyed the classes!

Danielle T.


Fun interactive music class for little ones. They switch things up to help keep the attention of the kids and my son loves it. My older son tagged along to...

Laurel Segal


Little groove and all of the teachers are absolutely amazing! We’ve been going there for 3 years and are always happy with the teachers/class material!

Megan Carleton


I’ve been jamming out with the Little Groove Musicians for about 6 years now. All the instructors are up beat. I’ve been working as a nanny in the Boston area for 10 years and have been to many different early childhood classes. Little Groove is the perfect music program for young babies and up to preschool age. 

Vanessa Kern


Tommy from Little Groove held a music class at our son’s birthday party and everyone had a great time! Tommy showed up with an acoustic guitar, drums, maracas a parachute and even more to play with the kids and parents. It was very engaging and fun! They were also very flexible with location when we had to change it due to rain.

Erica Walsh


We LOVE baby wiggle!!!!!!! Seriously it’s the best class ever!! :) 

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