When do we get our kit?

At the first class of the session.

What do I do if I miss the first class?

Please let us know and we will ship you your kit ASAP! 

What is in the kits?

Various instruments that your child will need to participate in class.

Is the kit mandatory?

Yes! For classes where new, personal kits are provided. This one time purchase can be used for all future sessions and is yours to keep forever. It is necessary to participate in class.

Do I need to buy a kit for the Newburyport classes?

As of now, the Newburyport classes are the only classes that kits are not required in, but kits can be purchased upon request.


Which classes are for [insert age here]?

All classes are mixed ages. We suggest a time that meshes well with your child's nap schedule.

What class should I choose for my infant (under 6 months)?

11:30 classes are usually popular for infants, as this is around their nap schedule.


Will you come to [insert neighborhood or park here]?

All inquiries are taken into consideration and we will try to bring classes to high demand areas.

How will I know if you start classes in [insert location here]? When will [insert season here] registration be open?

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