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When do we get our kit?

At the first class of the session.

What do I do if I miss the first class?

Please email us at We will coordinate with the teacher to get you your kit.

What is in the kits?

Various instruments that your child will need to participate in class ie maracas, tambourines, drum, scarves, and puppets

What if I lose a piece to my kit?

Please email us at before class.

Is the kit mandatory?

Yes! For classes where new, personal kits are provided. This one time purchase can be used for all future sessions and is yours to keep forever. It is necessary to participate in class.

Do I need to buy a kit for the Newburyport classes?

As of now, the Newburyport classes are the only classes that kits are not required to purchase in as we use reused, sanitized kits, but kits can be purchased upon request.


Will you come to [insert neighborhood or park here]?

All inquiries are taken into consideration and we will try to bring classes to high demand areas.

How will I know if you start classes in [insert location here]? When will [insert season here] registration be open?

Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter. This is the best resource for the latest, up-to-date Little Groove info. 

I want to join, but I can't do the entire session. Can I pay a pro-rated price and not do the whole session?

We try to be as accommodating as possible for these requests. We decide on a case-by-case basis considering factors such as how far out we are to the class starting, if it is a popular time or not, and how many classes you will be attending. Please email us at for all such inquiries.

Can you do a private group lesson for us? 

At this time, we cannot accommodate private group lessons.


  • Flex Pass is for our Summer & Fall Session ONLY

  • Click for full class dates list to know when classes are happening.

  • The Little Groove Fall FLEX PASS gives you flexibility with your music classes. In the session, you choose which classes to attend.

  • If you have further questions, call or text Sara at 617 823 4270.


Which classes are for [insert age here]?

All classes are mixed ages. We suggest a time that meshes well with your child's nap schedule.

What class should I choose for my infant (under 6 months)?

11:30 classes are usually popular for infants, as this is around their nap schedule.

Is 3-6 months too young to start Little Groove?

Not at all, we have many children that attend at that age. They do need more hands-on interaction from the caregiver -- such as holding their hands and making them shake their maraca, tambourine, etc. They can't really do things on their own yet or understand English or instructions, but at that age, they are soaking up SO much information and learning so much. They are like a sponge! It's a great age to get them started with music.


I need to get in touch with someone!

Please email us at sara@babywiggle for all concerns. For urgent matters that need less than 24 hours response or a response on the weekend, please call Sara, the owner, at 617-823-4270.

What happens if it rains, and my class is outdoors?

We will reach out to you in case of inclement weather. If this happens, we will find an indoor solution or hold a makeup class (Note: not all locations have an indoor space) There is no need to check in with us if class will be indoors or outdoors - We will reach out to you. Due to the nature of weather, this call often has to be made morning of.

Tips for Outdoor Classes:

- Bring a waterproof outdoor blanket for you and your little one to sit on. Some mornings the grass can be wet from dew, so a waterproof option is helpful

- Bring a sun hat for your little one, preferably one that covers their face and the back of their neck

- We suggest applying sunscreen before class. 

- Carry a child-friendly bug spray in case of bugs

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