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Little Groove Music - Flex Pass

2024 Little Groove Flex Pass

Register for a Flex Pass and attend 7 classes within the Spring Session on the day and time of your choosing.


  • The Little Groove Fall Flex Pass gives you flexibility with your spring music classes. In our 10-week Spring Session, you choose 7 classes to attend

  • The Flex Pass is good for Outdoor classes only 

  • Spring session Dates: Week of April 22 - Week of June 24

Flex Pass FAQ

Do I need to schedule my Flex Pass Classes?

No, you do not need to schedule your Flex Pass Class. Show up to any outdoor class when you want to

Can I attend more than one class in a week?

Yes, you can attend your 7 classes when it works for you. You can even attend 3 or 4 class in a week if you want

What if classes get canceled due to bad weather?

Please find a different day and time to attend a class

Can I carry my Spring Flex Pass Classes into the summer session?

No. All Spring Flex Pass Classes must be completed within the Spring Session.

How do I find class dates?

You can find all Spring class dates here:

Register for the 7-Class Flex Pass
Click on the Location you want to attend

Register for the Newburyport 5-Class Flex Pass
Newburyport Spring Session is 8-Weeks

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